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Tonya Lee




Hey CH - Join me on my journey to build a new body care brand from scratch with products that are optimized for grown-up skin and a company that celebrates women over 40 - the places they go and the lives they live! #GlobalGirlApothecary #GreatIdeaGirl ------------------WHAT I LOVE Good, informed, deep conversations about the world around us. I’m literally interested in everything and everywhere. The economic opportunities that come from digital commerce ---------IF I COULD DO ANYTHING? Spend 3 months in four different countries (Turkey + South Korea + India + One African country but I can’t seem to decide which one!) connecting with local people, being part of the community, and helping where my skills and background can add value. ------------------MY TAKE ON CH After being on CH for a while….it can be exhausting. Over consumption is bad in food, shopping, and media. Moderation = success Still working toward what I’ll be when I grow-up 🙂💯❤️🙏🏽🤷🏽‍♀️ BE the YOU-est YOU! #BigFacts -----------THE IMPORTANT STUFF Christian Single African-American Female GenX ---------THE UNIMPORTANT STUFF Side Hustles - Stock Market Trading - Church Girls Travel Education - MBA in Marketing + BBA in Information Systems