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📍Brooklyn NYC to ATL. Songwriter | Independent Music Publisher | INDEPENDENT. . CEO of Stone Table Music Group & Nyheir Publishing Inc. . 📍Published and featured on the movie soundtrack, “Showtime,” starring Eddie Murphy and Robert Dinero. . A personal in-depth interview in the globally distributed “Media Made Magazine”. $FERG1BK 📍HEALTH IS WEALTH. Every state of your being needs to be nourished in some way. Find what brings you more life love n laughs. I promise it’s important to your well being. 📍92.RICH Sea moss & Sea moss drinks + Shipping All drinks are shipped frozen 16oz Guava, 16oz Oranges Turmeric Ginger 10oz Sour Sop, 16oz Blackberry Lemonade B12 16oz Elderberry lemonade B12 16oz Raspberry Lemonade B12 Gels Plain With C Beet / Pom Mullein Orange Turmeric Ginger Sour Sop