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TIKTOK 🔥 YouTube 🔥 Twitter @eyetoldyoa55tv @ezduzzit5280 Truth Seeker, Reviewing The Facts, Current Events, Mysteries, and History 👁️ Donations Appreciated $ezduzzit5280 CULTURE OVER CLOUT $ezduzzit5280 Paypal: @eyetoldyoa55tv EZ Duzzit (Music Producer, Audio Engineer, DJ, Artist) EZ Duzzit Slapz (LLC) EZ Duzzit. on ALL PLATFORMS "Peace of Mind" "Let Me Be Me" "Found My Way" "Roll Up 2.0" "This Ain't Our Culture" "GMFU" Creator of the “Columbus Got Barz!!! City Cypher” (Volume 1) on All Platforms Now‼️🎶 S/O Columbus, GA🔥 Interviewed On: ShoutOut Atlanta, CEPTV, Hot 706.6 Resurrection ENT, Voyage ATL All Social Media/Meta/NFT Spaces @ezduzzit5280 $ezduzzit5280 Paypal: @eyetoldyoa55tv