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Eyona Mitchell




02278 I help service-based entrepreneurs get leads and then turn those leads to customers and those customers to referral partners. 🚨Currently using #chatGPT to help all my clients get ahead. 🚨 🗣 Pronounce my name: E (long e) - yawn - nah Marketing consultant and business strategist helping entrepreneurs elevate their customer experiences with technology and content strategy.  Types of clients I’ve worked with: 💇🏾‍♀️ Salon owners/ barbers  💬 Speech pathologists ✍🏽 Grant Writers 📹 Videographers  🛌 In-home personal care 📥 HR Consultant 👩🏽‍💻 Social Media Manager 💒 Wedding Planner 👥 Too many to keep listing 👋🏾 Side hustlers welcome 👋🏾 Strategizing on how to use online platforms for traditional businesses is my love language.  💍 Wife 👶🏽 Mother  📍 Arkansas 🎓 UCA Alum - masters & bachelors 🔺 Delta Sigma Theta 🐘 💄 Former Beauty Tech Founder ☕️ 1 Million Cups Alum 🦄 Content Creator for Others  💻 Recovering web designer 👩🏽‍💻 Former Mom Blogger 🧹 Commercial janitorial biz past 15 years  ✅ Goals: up my instagram and clubhouse game ✅  CH intentions: Co-mod rooms with entrepreneurs JUST EASING MY WAY BACK TO ONLINE BUSINESS USING ♣️🏠