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Jacqueline Gaffney



friends Jacquellne Gaffney is an Apostolic Leader, commissioned Apostle, ordained Prophetess, and teacher. She is the founder and overseer of Exousia Prophetic Ministries and Exousia Wellness Inc. Jacqueline mission is to teach and quip the body of Christ for the work of ministry with an emphasis on edifying the Kingdom of God in discipleship, Apostolic and prophetic teaching. Jacqueline is a leadership and organizational development coach who provides strategic consulting and training services for organizational design in education and social impact sectors. A certified Dance Educator and Founder of Exousia Holistic Wellness Inc. and Bethesda Fitness. Jacqueline has 38 years expertise specializing in Culture Dance, Arts International and Health &Wellness. Jacqueline’s proficiency in education and the arts reared strong partnership with the NYC Board of Education and faith-based organizations to support creative, educational & vocational development of NYC youth and families $JacquelineGaffney cash app [email protected] zelle [email protected]