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Crypto Exquisite Corpse: 504 world’s best NFTs l 3 unlocked daily #NFTTOSTAY #exquisitecorpse Buy, sell, auction 1st in history living art collectible created by 572 artists as a premium quality 1/1 visuals. 2D, 3D. Inspired by Surrealists and cosmos exploration 💎 Immortal art tradition of creating the Exquisite Corpse hinged on unpredictability, free play, and collaboration 🐍 Participants do not know what other artists create. The position is set by raffle. It is totally random and unique 💎 Artwork owner can combine the Crypto Exquisite Corpse pieces in all possible ways 🐍 Artwork purchaser becomes the co-author and receives the physical piece with an NFT 💎 We help you build your digital identity in a fully digital economy with an exquisite taste 🐍 We support pulling carbon from the sky and give credits to each of our very talented creators from Earth 💀 🧬 Twitter 🚀 Instagram