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Nachelle Crowther




♣️🏡 Evolve Generation Club Building emotional resilience in children and young adults ✳️ FRSA Member ✅ NormalisingTabooSubjects and empowering teens. Our Evolve Youth Ambassador team is grown around EQ, Resilience, Mental Strength, Leadership, Active listening, Equal dignity and peer 2 peer mentoring. ✅ End Goal : To build a blueprint school for the next generation- future proofing & creating an education movement. ✅What we offer; Mentoring, bespoke programs based on school or University need-around prevention, leadership, resilience & culture, diversity, inclusion & unconscious bias. ✅ Parent engagement programs. Father & son/ Mother and daughter weekends. ✅Joining the dots between parent community schools and teenagers #it takes a village to raise a child ✅ Day Job :Consultant @The Colin James Method Leadership Training; ✅Mastering Communication; ✅UPSELL YOU Interview Training; ✅Colin James Method Training; Leadership, Resilience, Communication & Culture Training for; VP’s C-Suites Solopreneurs,Back to Work Parents, Educationalists, Graduates Via storytelling, the art of influence,mastering your communication, mastering your pitch & Nailing your presentation. ✅Interests /Experiences; Triathlons 🚴🏻‍♀️🏊🏻🏃‍♀️Ex reserve Forces, Private reconnaissance -Missing Persons.Army Expeditions Raleigh International Expeditions. Photographer📷 QualifiedSportsCoach🏑 Scubadiving🤿 Boathandling🛥 Skiing⛷Wild swimming🌊 Yoga & Breathwork🧘‍♀️🧘 Meditation🧘🧘‍♀️ ✅ Growth & Personal development in Financial Intelligence, EQ, KQ LOVE Biohacking ✅ Entrepreneur- Disrupter-Property Consultant-HMO Landlord.Connector of Developers and Investors ✅On Clubhouse to Connect-Community-Collaborate. Create an Education Movement akin to GT’s Climate Movement #extinction-rebellion ✅ Looking to connect with Impact Investors for Education collaboration for the greater good #Stronger Together. ✅Flying solo mum to 3 amazing teenagers #Big vision thinker Solution Focussed, tenacious, ✅Insta: @Nachellew @evolvegeneration @thecjmethod LinkedIn: Nachelle Crowther Mobile (via insta) 74166