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WHAT I THINK ABOUT MYSELF ⁉️ I feel no pride in what I am? - may be I am too educated or too dumb or just an average being in every dimensions of human characteristics. I think I am not that significant but I think I am a flicker that is conscious about its minuscule existence and for that reason I am just too much happy in that realization ! ABOUT ME 🧩 - Researcher, Educator, Programmer, Genomics, Bioinformatics Scientist, Evolutionary Biologist - Currently Information Security Researcher with focus on Machine Learning - Philosophical enthusiast - Interested in singing and writing though can’t do it professionally anymore, left it behind long time ago - A few among many topics that interests and engages me: Science, Evolution, Evolutionary Psychology, Sexual Selection, Mating Choice, Human Behavior, Special Theory of Relativity, Money and Entrepreneurship, Self Reflection and Looking Inwardly, Utopian and Dystopian Futures 〽️ APPLICATION DEVELOPER AND CONTRIBUTOR TO THE OPEN SOURCE 〽️ 1) Samsara Social - - Platform for immersive discussion (SCOPE: Nepali and Nepali Diaspora) - I am the owner of the application and working on continuous improvements 2) BioInformatics projects - contains tools/tutorials for bioinformatics and genomics/transcriptomics, VCF data 3) Application that helps make social media interaction collaborative and productive (coming soon ….) 4) Move the Clouds …. 5) Help Organize …. 📍 USA 🇺🇸 | NEPAL 🇳🇵