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Jonny Fulton




I help brands in the πŸš— automotive, πŸ’‰ pharma, and πŸ–₯ technology industries create real impact with launches, events, and experiences. I thrive on finding solutions when others say β€œhow the fΡ†*ΠΊ?” Send me a DM to discuss all things Events. Live, virtual and hybrid Founder and MD of 🦊FoxWylie Agency. We tell our clients stories in the most engaging events. 20 years experience working in live events πŸŽͺ parties 🎀 conferences πŸš› roadshows πŸŽ‰ experiential 3 years experience virtual events πŸŽ₯ Broadcast πŸ–₯ Virtual πŸ“Ί Hybrid Covid brought my business to a halt over night and so we pivoted to include digital services. I spent three months learning to code and then took on a developer and digital marketeer. I started my working life as a sound engineer before moving through lighting, video and production management. I set up FoxWylie in 2016 and we have had fantastic organic growth ever since.