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Eunice Wong




💡 📚 ✉️ [email protected] ✏️ 🏅Audie Finalist narrator 🏆 Earphones Award winner (5 so far, 3 for solos) 🦅 AudioFile Best of 2022 🦉 🏆 Director of 2023 Audie Non-Fic winner, BD Wong narrator 🐅 Princeton Professor of Theater 🎭 Juilliard-trained actor 🥸 🤸🏻‍♀️Happiest Upside Down 🦇 👽 Geek 🛸 🐮 Vegan 🌱 🍄 SAG-AFTRA + Actors’ Equity 💥 “Eunice is an exceptionally talented, intuitive actress and storyteller [who] connects the listener to every emotional nuance in the author’s words.” - Paul Alan Ruben, two-time Grammy-winning audiobook director and producer Eunice has recorded for Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Tantor, Blackstone, Macmillan, Audible, Harper, & more, and performs professionally across the US. Born in Toronto, with parents from Hong Kong, she’s “audiobook-fluent” in Cantonese, French and Mandarin, with a smattering of Russian. Her Canadian accent was poonded oot of her at Juilliard, but still available on request. Eunice loves telling Asian-American stories AND is always open to books that aren’t ethnically-specific. Home is now Princeton, NJ, with her family and two lazy retired greyhounds living their best peanut-buttery life. Eunice has taught poetry in a men’s super max prison, lived in Kyrgyzstan with nomads, and has swum with stingrays. During a Lakota Sun Dance at Pine Ridge Reservation, she received a blessing with her kids before the Sacred Tree. She’s chanted at 4AM in a New Mexico desert monastery, and sat quietly with a rescued dairy cow named Faye. And though she’s a hardcore introvert, she can go on and on about ST:TNG, handstands, the link between body and emotions, sentient sci-fi androids, how human nature can lead to atrocities, or the transcendence of a string quartet busking in Penn Station at rush hour. Just ask her.