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Eugenie Chan




I live to connect & inspire so we can envision infinite possibilities together. When I started Suppagood PR, I knew I didn’t want to do it alone. I wanted to build a company where I could truly be myself, and my tribe would thrive with me. 8 years on, we are definitely getting closer, but I truly hope that once we’ve been able to model this, that we can help other companies do the same. 🙈Always game to share. Talk to me about: 🐢Entrepreneurship 🦋Conscious Branding 🌞Work-Life Integration 😜Networking 📰Public Relations 🦄 Founder of Suppagood PR 💭Co-Founder of Suppagood Branding with Abigail Lo 🌈 Co-Founder of The Suppagood Collective with Sarah Lian Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾 Working around the world 🌏 Member of 🅱️BNI Changemakers (Visitors always welcome, just DM me) 🌐Ynternational Community ( 🥇We are all GOLD, never forget that. 🎙MODERATING CH Room every Wednesday at 🇲🇾9pm (MYT / +8GMT) 🗽9am (ET) #CHGoldNuggets I’m most active on LinkedIn :) connect with me there! DM me 👇