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Elizabeth Platt




Fiercely passionate Transformation Coach empowering highly ambitious entrepreneurs to THRIVE beyond TRAUMA & start loving a limitless & unapologetic life. 👏🏻Courage 🧠Clarity 🌟Confidence 👸THE LIMITLESS WAY SISTERMIND LAUNCHING September 2021 JOIN AT For Women who know in their soul they were born to be, do and THRIVE beyond Narcissist Abuse and Trauma. Join me for 12 weeks and I’ll show you how to be Limitless, Live Unapologetically 👸 Qualified in: 🌟Transformation Coaching 🌟Narcissism Abuse & Trauma Informed Coaching 🌟Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy 🌟Master NLP Practitioner 🌟Mentoring 🌟DISC Personality Profiling 🌟Neuroscience Diploma 🌟MCIPD - 20+ Yrs Corporate Senior HR background 🌟Mental Health First Aider 🌟Intuitive Empath Behind my mask: ❤️Survivor of Childhood Abuse ❤️Severe Bullying ❤️Near death ❤️Acrimonious Divorce ❤️Toxic Relationships ❤️Narcissist Partner ❤️Paralysing Panic Attacks, Stress & Breakdown When you appear successful on the outside but inside your self-worth is non-existent then it’s time to ⛓ Break free from your self-loathing and destructive habits that keep you hiding behind your mask and Up-level your life. To achieve: 💥 life beyond trauma 💥 increased resilience 💥 love & accept yourself 💥passion for your LIFE 💥launch and grow your business 💥create more wealth 💥grow confidence 💥mindset mastery 💥improved health & well-being 💥clarity - strategy, values, vision 💥achieve goals 💥Live your Limitless Life Look up and out. Your life is for living. Be Limitless 🦋 Founder of : 🔥Limitless Female Association ~ Exclusive membership > master your mindset to live limitlessly and unapologetically. ➡️ 💙 The Limitless Club 💙 ~ Join the FREE club helping women embrace their best version inside out ➡️ FREE Facebook Group @ limitlessfemaleclub Loves: 🌈Finding the Positive 👭My Daughters 🧠Brain Development 😇Honesty & Kindness 🏃🏼‍♀️Running 🌳Nature 😁Having Fun 📚Books Open to collaboration. Connect with me: 🌎 [email protected]