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Erwin Valencia




GRATITUDE AS A BIOHACK 🧬 Founder of GRATITUDE GANG NFT 🚀 Founder of GRATITUDE GANG 🌻 & BAHAY KUBO 🇵🇭 Clubs ♣️🏠 The Clubhouse KUYA (Older Brother) The “SEGWAY” King 🛴👑 ✅ Mission To IMPACT & INSPIRE 1M Filipinos 🏆Top 100 Most Influential Filipino-Americans 🏀1st Filipino, raised and educated in the Philippines, in the NBA 🧘🏻‍♂️Started 1st Daily In-Season Breathwork and Intention Setting Program in the NBA 📿 1st to Integrate Headspace App as part of Recovery Strategy in the NBA 👨🏻‍🎓Currently working on a PhD in GRATITUDE (yup, it’s a thing!) 🦗Founder/Mentor, Grasshopper Project 🚀 President, PINTADOS E-Sports Team (PH) 🌟 Polymath: High Performance Sports Clinician | Well-Being Expert | Mindfulness & Mental Conditioning Coach | Social Entrepreneur | Foodie | Inspirational Speaker | Angel Investor | Community Curator | Dance Ninja Clubhouse Club Founder ⬇️ 🇵🇭 BAHAY KUBO - Host of Pinoy Talk Tuesdays 🌻 GRATITUDE GANG - Host of Sunday GRATITUDE Sessions ⚾️ SPORTS MEDICINE AND PERFORMANCE CLUB - Host of Training Room Talk Thursdays 🎤 KARAOKE CLUB (admin) 🧘🏻‍♂️ MINDFUL MEDITATORS (admin) I help Athletes, Artists, and Achievers create COHERENCE between Body🕺🏼and Mind🧠 using GRATITUDE as the driving force.🏎 📲 IG @erwinbvalencia (DM me here!) 🐦/TikTok @erwinbvalencia 🧑🏻‍💻 🖥 💲BITCLOUT @erwinbvalencia All 💵 sent goes directly to Grasshopper Project 501(c)3 Mentorship Non-Profit (Thank You!)⛲️ “If nothing else, dream to inspire others.” - EBV