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🎤Virtual Public Speaker, 🏆Award winning CEO. 🌍Digital Transformation Consultant 📺Multi TV Channel Owner =================== 🔗LERNGLOBAL.CO.UK =================== ABOUT ME: Ernold (Airnold) 👉Ernold Van Bueren is an award winning CEO, Multi TV Channel owner, Internet Entrepreneur, Voice over artist, Personal Branding expert and Public Speaker. 👉He was also the founder of 👾OdiGames Studio, which has released over 15 successful games on the App Store since 2011. 👉With such a track record, he started to be approached by others seeking advice and support in setting up their own businesses. 👉This gave him the idea for LERN Global, a company dedicated to providing support and advice to entrepreneurs in how to set up their business, their brand and their digital marketability. 👉LERN Global quickly expanded into LERN Media & LEGS Esports which has it's own TV Channels on Roku. AS SEEN ON: ▫️Fox ▫️CBC News ▫️NBC ▫️ABC ▫️Trendsetter Business Magazine LANGUAGE: 🇬🇧English 🇳🇱Nederlands 🇩🇪Deutsch 🇪🇸Español Beginner in: 🇮🇷فارسی 🇦🇪العربية MY EXPERIENCE: 🔲Personal Branding 🔲Media Coverage 🔲Public Speaking 🔲Content Creation 🔲Business Growth 🔲Public Speaking 🔲TV Production & Advertising 🔲Podcast & Videocast 🔲Public Relations 🔲Game development 🔲E-commerce/Affiliation MY INTENTION ON CLUBHOUSE: 🔳Listen to you and your stories 🔳Network and collaborate 🔳Add value 🔳Learn from other experts 🔳share my knowledge and expertise ✳️If you need a Clubhouse Moderator pls DM Connect with me: 👇👇👇👇👇