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Eric Samdahl




M&A, Business Visionary and Strategist, Fractional CEO, COO. Co-Founder of ZADASI - We equip women entrepreneurs and women in business to design success in the 360 degree view of their life. Including a global network and funding arm. From idea to exit. We’ve got you! Filling my next Forum now - contact me for more info. [email protected] _________________________ Are you a dark chocolate eating, driven entrepreneur, who wants to leave a legacy, grow your business and make a difference? Are you feeling somewhat frustrated because your business is going nowhere fast? What if I were to tell you that you’re looking for solutions in all the wrong places. The critical mistake that most entrepreneurs make is they allow data to dictate all their decisions and drive their business. This results in time-consuming stress, confusion and stagnation, ultimately stripping you of your power. It’s time to ditch the data overload, step into the spotlight and skyrocket your success. My groundbreaking, customized approach will take you from invisible to impactful, as it unlocks your power, unleashes your revenue and transforms your business in record time. Using this method - Client results include 5 months to $1.1M in profit 6 months to $950K in sales 20 minutes to $200K in additional profit 24 hours to $6K in sales 2 hours to $35K in revenue 15 minutes to $5.5K What can we accomplish together? Your Time Is Now [email protected] International speaker, Investor, professional wrench chucker, and cage rattler. Eric has the uncanny ability to see the Matrix for your company. He has helped companies develop culture, define and implement strategy, and blow the doors off growth. As COO of one company he re-ignited and rebranded the company through the development of new business segments and metrics for sales forecasting, operations, accounting, and compliance metrics resulting in a sales increase of 28%. He’s run multiple businesses at one time (5+), and an international speaker about using gut in business, work as a fractional CEO/COO to help companies scale, create processes that convert new customers, and has bought and sold companies. Ask me how! 💰🇺🇸 Fire the itty bitty Shitty committee! Fast hiker, faster Mountain biker! Vail, CO ➡️ Austin, TX Don’t be a 🍆 (Dick) and give zero fux. Go get it!