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Next gatherings in The Wholly Human club of which I am the host: We’ve started the Waking Down in Mutuality and Trillium Awakening series in The Wholly Human club exploring the gifts, wisdom, and growth that these two schools offer from their shared Way over the next six months. See the other dates in the club for the the lineup of guest speakers that will be on subsequent calls. Are you interested in awakening your whole being? Come find out how this series can help you do just that. 2/11...


02/11/2023 7:00β€―PM

Wholly Human

Awakening with Gentle Mentoring - interview w/Geoff Oeslner

β€” Continuing on the Waking Down in Mutuality & Trillium Awakening series we meet with Geoff Oelsner, long time WDiM mentor, poet, author, musician, mystic, husband, father & lover of the natural world πŸ¦‹

02/25/2023 7:00β€―PM

Wholly Human

Awakened Service and Leadership with Margit Bantowsky

β€” In this call, we meet with Trillium Awakening teacher, artist, & coach, Margit Bantowsky, exploring how Awakening can liberate us into new forms of service, leadership, and awakened activism.