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Next gatherings in The Wholly Human House (host): 2/24/24 What is Divine? In you? In your life? In others? How do you know that? Where and how do you connect with It? Her? Him? How has your relationship with The Great Other changed over time? Does the Universe speak to you? Were you ever an atheist? What did that teach you about God? How have your relationships taught you about love? Is that love God? Are you? Where do you end and does God start and vice versa? There’s so much to explore together this Saturday. So many questions to dive in with. Stillness to listen from. Great hearts to share the investigations as well. You’re invited. It’s free. In The Wholly Human House for Soulful Group Inquiry - What is Divine? 3/9/24 What is Faith in the 21st Century? Group open inquiry: Come gather with like-hearted souls to explore what it is to be human and fully alive. We’ll be endearing to connect with realness, candor and genuine interest in one another. 💛 You are invited to listen to the replays of past calls on The Wholly Human House. Emoto-Spiritual Guide at Welcoming You with Grace at or instagram @ericfgrace or FB: Feel Your Soulfulness through Emotive Healing My music is at