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Join Substack learning community, #UniteEquityMuses for #EquityMoonshot: open-inspire-align our mindsets to co-design and build an equitable-regenerative-sustainable-future. Equity is a community virtue: be fair and kind to everyone. Equity is the power abuse antidote against unfair opportunities, traumas and toxicities. Equity is the cultural humility agent against the hubris of inequity cultures. How might we overcome our prejudices against the fairness of equity? Learn how to become equity muses together. As Socratic Sherpas, we ask complex questions about how to launch Equity Moonshot. How might we, as equity muse trainers, leaders, and learning designers, empower and mobilize people to: 1. Solve our complex web of self-inflicted wicked problems. 2. Cultivate the constellation of virtues to work on the #EquityMoonshot Quest? 3. Co-create fair rules, fair opportunities & fair rewards for all? 4. Co-design flourishing ecosystems that enable us all to reach our highest potential of healthy well-being? 5. Develop as open-minded, truth-seeking and virtuous free-thinkers who collaborate together in solving wicked problems? 6. Weave networks of networks to do good for the commons, humanity, the common good and the health of the planet? 7. Unleash the equity meme: “to Love, truth-seeking and the pursuit of equity” 8. Co-create upward virtuous spirals of positive influences to reverse the toxic downward spirals into the amoral abyss? 9. Cultivate the tri-polarity of equanimity to navigate between the community virtues of equity and equality and the individual values of liberty and freedom? 10. Reverse our dysfunctional polarizations, political toxicities and divisiveness driven by the disinformation pandemics? 11. Illuminate how our shadows and dark sides (pathological megalomania, malignant narcissism, incessant sociopathy and vengeful authoritarianism) sabotage Equity Moonshot? 12. Evolve beyond the constraints of hierarchical power to developing distributive empowerment M leadership networks? CNN I mm in