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Bret Keisling




Passionate Advocate for Employee Ownership. 🎤The ESOP Podcast 🎤The ESOP Minicast 🔗 ‼️The EO Podcast Network launches Sept. ‘21‼️ Employee Ownership (EO) is: ESOPS — Co-ops — Collectives Facts: ✅ There are 14 million employee owners in the United States. ✅ 2+ million employee owners are at privately held companies. ✅ EO creates shareholders, spreading wealth among more people. ✅ EO companies retained employees at a 3-4 x greater rate than non-EO companies during the pandemic. ✅ There is less pay disparity for women and POC in EO companies than non-EO companies. [This shouldn’t still be a thing anywhere, regardless of the business.] ✅ EO strengthens its communities and the tax base. EO companies are less likely to sell to a competitor, thereby eliminating jobs, etc. ✅ EO helps to build the assets of low to moderate income earners. Who I want to talk/listen to and learn from: ‼️Employee Owners, EO advocates & service providers ‼️Advocates/service providers working in adjacent spaces, such as: communities, jobs, employee engagement, democratic workplaces, equitable wealth and earnings distributions, corporate governance, etc. If there’s an issue important to you, EO may help address it. ‼️Business Owners, entrepreneurs, and founders who are interested in selling all or part of their business, while ensuring their legacy. ‼️ Exit and succession planners, wealth managers, financial planners, business and employment lawyers, etc., who want to learn about a possible path to offer their clients. ❤️ I followed you because you said something that resonated with me or your bio spoke to me. So thank you.❤️