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Christine Maziarz




💚 You are amazing! 🟩HIGH-LEVEL: She/Her 🌟Empty Nest Success Evangelist ☎️🍌TikTok Creator 😂Humor🎙Podcast host & producer: Your Empty Nest Coach 🌟INFJ Are you adjusting to parenting your emerging adult: high school or college-age children? It isn’t always easy, but you can do it!!! ✳️Rooms: 🏠 Friday Flash Talk/Tips: DeCluttering in the Empty Nest, 7 AM EST 🤗🎉Pop-up 7-Minute Encouragement 💣 Tired of rooms with no end in sight? Me too! 🤗 Most active on TikTok: @emptynestcoach ☎️🍌viral hotline videos - Sally is my alter ego. Was featured in the medium article, “The Real Moms of TikTok.” 🟩 QUICK STORY: I was thrown into the empty nest early due to my daughter’s unique education. Someone said, “So, you and your husband will be empty nesters next year,” and a pit arrived in my stomach. 🥺 I took that moment and decided to work through it in a way that allowed me to embrace my journey ahead. I am lucky enough now to encourage others through their entry into the empty nest. How? Through my podcast, social media, coaching and more. 📝 This is my passion project. By day I work as an admin coordinator at a private liberal arts college. 🟩 MY INTENT ON CLUBHOUSE: Is to leave you encouraged for your life’s journey. I am here to remind you how amazing you are. 💚 Humor? Yes, please! I also love connecting with other TikTok creators! 🟩 OTHER TOPICS I HAVE AN INTEREST IN: Parenting, Social Justice, College Students, College Parents, Midlife, Podcasting, Public Speaking, Simple Living, Minimalism, Emerging Adults, Life Skills, Gifted Education, RV Living (one day!) 📍 Philadelphia Area ⭐️ Private Coaching: become the Conscious Effective Olympian (CEO) of your life. 🌟Free Seven-Lesson Guide to Uncovering Your Future 🌟Workshop: Why Resolutions Don’t Work and How to Get Your Goals to Stick