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Mary Pryor




Co-Founder & CEO of @cannaclusive CMO @tonic_cbd @tricollafarms @bardo.labs Co-Founder of FitForUs Co-Founder of Breaking Bread NYC Co-Founder of Cannabis For Black Lives & Board Member Seen on @selfmagazine @forbes @essence @usatoday @hightimes @vogue @marieclaire @bustle @businessinsider @leafly Wellness, Cannabis, Psychedelics, Music, Fitness, Tech, and Travel ✨✨PLEASE NOTE - I am not offering free consultations at this time.✨✨ I touch a lot of industries and still thrive fruitfully✨❤️ Pronouns are she/her/lady - Obatala child - Ifa practitioner - egun be knowing - 🐬Team Pisces 🐬