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David Sauvage




I help people understand and accept themselves and each other. Expert at empathy + emotional intelligence. Click the 🛎 to catch me more often. ✏️ Sign up for my mailing list at 🔹TRAINING FOR EMPATHS🔹 Pay what you can afford. 📚 READ MY BOOK 📚 “Healing Heals the Healer Too” on Amazon. 👨‍🏫 SPEAKING and TEACHING 👨‍🏫 I do trainings/talks on empathy and listening for companies and groups. I also have courses for sale on my website 📥 CORPORATE CLIENTS 📥 I integrate empathy and EQ into culture, strategy and marketing. Recent clients include Coca-Cola and Four Seasons Hotel. 🤲 PHILANTHROPISTS & INVESTORS 🤲 I work one-on-one with high net worth philanthropists and impact investors who want to get into their hearts. THURSDAY NIGHT ZOOM CLASSES 📌 I teach weekly classes on Zoom on emotional intelligence. Sign up for my mailing list at MEDICINE RETREATS. 🌱 I hold deep healing retreats in upstate NY. Email me at [email protected]. Gifts welcome Venmo: @empath [email protected] I prefer DMs on Instagram👇🏻