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Anthropologist | Author | Activist | Filmmaker| Scholar Assistant Professor of Anthropology, African Studies, Saperstein-Lentz Senior Fellow Center for Peace & Conflict Studies #Free🇵🇸☮️ #sheikhjarrah 2022- New Book “SPIRIT SERVICE: Vodun and Vodou in Black Atlantic World.” Indiana University Press Click 🛎 Follow Creator First Finalist @Sacred Realms below Native Rights🌳Trees 🍄 plant medicine 🛑 Genocide in #Tigray #Oromoprotests👊🏾 (He/Him/His) Occultist/Vodun/Vodou/Orisha/Tron/ Ifa /Haiti/ Ghana/ Togo/ Benin/ Africa BLM ✊🏿 Farmers Protest 🇮🇳 Ally🌈 Detroit pride, Detroit grit. 🇹🇬 Gbedala, Togo West Africa Living on the indigenous land of the Aniishanaabe and Council of 3 fires in Michigan. #waterislife💧☀️ Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto, "I am human: I consider nothing human as strange to me." _________________________________ 🖊 Author of dozens of academic articles on anthropology. African religion, social justice. Recent Publications: The Shaman, American Ethnologist, Visual Anthropology, Sapiens, Journal of Africana Religions, Applied Anthropologist, J of Ritual Studies, Oxford Res Encyclopedia of Ant, ETropic, Amer Anthropologist, J of Rel in Africa…Many more. Other Books: •”Ethnography of a Vodu Shrine” (2017), Brill Press. • “Shackled Sentiments: Memories, Spirits and Slaves in the African Diaspora” (2019); Rowman and Littlefield Press. • Working book proposal on digital storytelling and social justice Lexington Books (2022) Films: Afa Divination (2018); Chasing the Spirit (2012); African Herbsmen (2014) 🎥 Art Films / Third Oracle Productions _________________________________ Research interests: African Philosophy and Religion; Applied Anthropology; Racial Justice; Human Trafficking; Peace Studies; Human Rights; Global Justice; Africa and African Diaspora religions; Critical Black Feminisms; Digital Storytelling French/Spanish/Ewe My Academic Portfolio: LinkedIn: I stand against ALL forms of hate. Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. - Rumi _________________________________ [email protected] Venmo: @Eric-Montgomery-91