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⚡️Kundalini Mentor ⚡️Sound Resonance Healer ⚡️Author-Contactee-Songstress I attune to the Cosmic Mother and share activating messages from Source Field in word, song, and sound. We are in the time of what the ancient prophecies pointed to. Welcome to the New Sun ☀️🦋 Your Inner-Divine Presence wants you to remember who you are through sound-light-frequency. A lifetime of transformational contact provided inner teachings to awaken and inform me. I now mentor and celebrate those who also choose to navigate beyond the fear, embrace emotional wisdom, transcend old programming, and activate the Mother consciousness within. We are both ancient and new consciousness emerging NOW! Initiate of the Sacred Mayan Fire Path in Tikal in 2002 with teacher and Mayan Priest, Aj Q'ij, Eduardo Griego Gonzales. Mayan name, Jun Akabal. The Mayan word for Kundalini is Koyopa: lightning in the blood, inner soul; receives cosmic messages. "This is what has been invisible to your consciousness for ages. You have not had the input from the Mother. Even your ancient stories of the Mother have been distorted. The Mother is within you. The Mother is in your flesh, your blood, your bones. Allow Her to live and you shall be free." Transmission: SignpostsWithin.013121 Website: 🌀 bio, blog, music 🐉 🎵 EmbodyBuilding/Kundalini Mentor, New Sun Reorientation, Cosmic Mother-Tongue Sound Healing Music Page: 🌞Aquarius🌙Gemini🦂🦅Scorpio Rising Generator 5/1 INFJ 👍Topics & Community that light me on 🔥: Evolution of higher consciousness through direct experience of ET contact, Kundalini, NDE, OBE, lucid dreams, light-sound healing, 5MeODMT, & Mayan Wisdom. Also, healing trauma, embodying lost soul essence, astrology, & sacred truth telling. Huge comedy fan 😁 Donations welcome! Gratitude 🙏💕✨ Venmo User Name: Eileen-Meyer-16 Paypal: