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Emily Lazar




🎤/Multi Disciplinary/ NFT Creator: September Mourning Toured with Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Machine Gun Kelly & Five Finger Death Punch.👊 First female Rock/ Metal lead singer🎤 to create/ auction/ sell an NFT. My first historic 1st rock/metal band generative drop collab is SOLD OUT with NFT Media Box! Music/story/graphic novel world building! New Drop on Open Sea: NFT Artist displayed in @sabet ‘s / China’s Stratosphere NFT Gallery 🎉 🎪Showtime: emilylazar_sm 🪙 Bitclout: emilylazar 📚Published the Graphic Novel “September Mourning” through Image Comics/ Top Cow Comics with Marc Silvestri. The character of September Mourning is a human-reaper hybrid, who feels the need to give good human souls a second chance at life, sparking an epic battle between the living and the dead ☠️ Emily designed the costumes that bring the story of September Mourning to life on stage. Published Model💅🏻 💰 Bitcoin lover I mod rooms on NFTs, Bitcoin and Music 🎶