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Emil Gorgees




Aussie in Japan. Pronounced "Ah-meal", not "e-mail". Think "a happy meal" from McDonalds, not a spam e-mail from a Nigerian Prince. EmilJapan#0372 on Discord. Tokyo Club Community Builder, 19yrs in Tokyo. Real Estate Agent (Home Purchases). Father of 3 (8, 6 & 4). My Clubhouse Clubs: Tokyo Japan Real Estate What I Like: 1. Hacking the System: Loopholes, Workarounds, Efficiencies, Upside 2. Sport: Snowboarding, Jujitsu, CrossFit, Running 3. Tech: Gadgets, Wearables, Tracking, Voice 4. Longevity (talkin 125yrs old plus) 5. Self Improvement How I Make a Living: 1. Real Estate Agent for Foreign Families in Tokyo. Ask me anything about buying a home in Japan (via Instagram DM). 2. Airbnb & Home Sharing 3. Property Ownership How I Spend Money: 1. Kids sports clubs and education. 2. New gadgets and toys (oh Apple...) 3. Bad Investments: Crypto/NFT (50%), Stock (50%), Crapshoot(100%) 不 788822