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Elmira Sabounchi




Birth, unconditional love, magic, war, fear, pain, dream, desire, chance, lottery, freedom, change, growth, struggle, vision, chaos, disappointment, disbelief, struggle, pain, family, loyalty, stability, growth, spiritual, struggle, dedication, love, pain, unfaithful, lost, belief, vision, co-founder, tyranny, change, growth, distraction, freedom, founder-owner, dedication, commitment, patience, love, family, son, illness, death, breathe, birth, dream, growth, achievement, goals, promise, manifest, give, tragic, shock, acceptance, tyranny, blessed, support, love, present... The truth is in 2 generations, your great grand children will most likely not know your name and will not be able to recall a few facts about you. Do you know your great grandparents names or anything about them? So get over it and live your best life! Take care of the planet because this rock floating in the middle of nothing is home and is the only thing you should aim to send into the future!