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Ellis Hammond




From full time Pastor to Full Time Investor and Entrepreneur ⛪️ —> 🏢 In this journey I learned 3 important lessons 1. Money flows to value 2. Capital = Influence 3. Financial education leads to financial mastery Today, Leader of the Kingdom REI Mastermind ✝️ 🏢💰🚀 -> we help investors grow and scale through joint ventures -> over 1 Billion of AUM between members -> Real Estate community for Kingdom Leaders ->Request an invite to events—> Available to moderate on topics including 🏡 Real Estate 🎙podcasting 💰entrepreneurship/startups 🧘‍♂️mindset/spirituality ✝️ Faith-Based Multifamily Fund Now Open - $50K to $500K investments being accepted —> 📚 Author of Mission of Multifamily: Missionary’s Journey toward Financial Freedom Free download —> 🎙 Host of the Kingdom REI podcast - for Christian investors and entrepreneurs with ambition! -dm me to be a guest! -Husband ❤️ -Future dad of baby girl 👶 -Wine Sommelier 🍷(nah I’m just messin but sounds cool haha 😎)