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Elizabeth Cann




🥇Ex. Pro Athlete - World Top 20 🇬🇧 🧬Bio-resonance Frequency Healing 🧠High Performance Coach + Mentor 🔥Helping ambitious, driven entrepreneurs accomplish greater success & impact **************************************** 💫Seeking entrepreneurs, spiritual, health & wellness leaders to collaborate with - DM me ‘High vibe collaboration’ to connect 🧬Bio-resonance frequency device is perfect for busy people who care about their health and want to be empowered to support their physical and emotional health on their own terms. This revolutionary holistic wellness device supports your body’s optimum performance and overall wellness. Through quantum physics, it balances and supports the body on a deep cellular and energetic level physically, mentally and emotionally. DM me ‘frequency’ for more details on this powerhouse frequency device. ***************************************** 🔥High Performance Coaching DM the word ‘COACH’ and I will be in touch. I coach ambitious, purpose-driven people to: 🔸Get RESULTS! 🔸Have greater impact 🔸Perform under pressure 🔸Build high performance habits 🔸Establish a mindset for success 🔸Create their own blueprint for success 🔸Accomplish that goal that scares them 🔸Develop attributes that enhance performance ***************************************** Former pro badminton player: 🇬🇧 GB No.1 ✨World top 20 🥇 5x National Champion 🥈 2x European Medallist 🥉 2x Commonwealth Medallist 🌎Competed in over 40 countries worldwide Open to collaborations on: 🧠Mindset 🏆High performance 🌱Holistic Health 🤸🏽‍♂️Well-being 🥇Elite sport What I love - 😋Food 💫Spirituality 🐶Animals 🤸🏽‍♂️Sport 🌿Nature 🧠Mindset / Psychology Certified: 🎗Performance Coach 🎗HeartMath Coach / Mentor 🎗Small Business Coach 🎗NLP Practitioner 🎗Theta Healing Pratitioner 🎗Essential Oil Specialist If you’re interested in: ▫️Learning about a device that will harmonise your energetic field and enhance your well-being - DM ‘frequencies’ ▫️Booking a discovery call for coaching - DM ‘Coaching’ ▫️Collaborating with me - DM ‘CH Collab’ DM me on IG👇🏽