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Vahid Ch




Nice to meet you Co-founder of Mentor Booth App, a Book Summary App for Entrepreneurs to read and learn easier, Android & iOS 🏃Coming Soon ⏰️ 🇺🇲| Los Angeles is home 📍 🇮🇷| Love Persian food 📚| Helping others on Their Journey 🥁| Action is Key 👨‍🔧| Success is Subjective 👴| Inspired By Leaders Expertise: ▪️ Financial Services & Management moving to Tech ▪️ Speaker & Coach ▪️ Founder of Mentorbooth App ▪️ Expert in Cold-Outbound marketing Favorite 📚 is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 🥇 Hit me up if you want to collaborate 🚀 License with States🇺🇲 Financial Professional CA, TX, AZ, WA Links: --> Vahid Chitsaz