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Elisabetta White




👩🏻‍💻 Helping destination wedding planners + venues build well thought-out brands with: ✨ clarity ✨confidence ✨and know-how so by the end of their first year, they’re EXCITED to keep growing 🚀 NOT deflated [been there, done it and let me tell you, not a nice feeling🤯]. ✈️ International wedding planner to passionate travellers who live life with gusto🍹🌴 [] Talking (with a weird Italian-London twang) about all things IC, having a vision, and the importance of clear communication that attracts the perfect clients and repels the wrong ones. Expect hard truths, tough love and loads of “tried that already, and it doesn’t work.” Mama of a 2yo 👧🏽 • italiana in london 🇮🇹 🇬🇧 • travel addict ✈️ • living a lowcarb lifestyle while battling 🍕 withdrawal symptoms 🥺 [tough life!] Connect with me via: 🤳 👯‍♀️ if you’re a destination wedding planner, join my FB group: «Launch and Grow Your Destination Wedding Business» 👩‍💻 💌 [email protected]