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Elisabeth Green




Master of Science in biomedical engineering, Certified Aerospace Physiologist, Certified Forest Steward, Nitrox diver, FCC licensed amateur radio operator, sustainable government systems developer, human factors engineer, nonprofit and LLC founder I operated a blockchain with a node running entirely on solar power. I code in Python, Solidity, Javascript, and HTML. I helped develop touchscreen displays and controls for aircraft. I designed, conducted, and analyzed a scientific experiment using human subjects. I have more than 70 hours of experience governing clubs with hundreds of members. I became climate-neutral a decade ago. I have Environmental Credit. I started and expanded a sustainable native forest product sales business and an organic produce business. I wrote 70 songs and recorded 14 of them. I developed a winning proposal for more than $100,000 in state and federal government funding for the restoration of 36 hectares of native rainforest incuding a native species food forest. Other products include eGuides: Checklist to prevent coercion and gaslighting; Scientific quotes that changed government policy; How to stop a major polluter. Awards: 204-mile VHF/UHF radio transmission, antenna to antenna; gymnastics, and ballroom dancing. Air Force veteran's daughter. Ask me how interactions cause human and environmental health or disease.