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🇬🇧 Modern-Day Alchemist ✨ Vision Architect 🌟 Meaning Maker & Edifier ⭐️ Artificer of Beauty 💫 Vibrant Dream Weaver 🔆 A7chemist of people ⚜️ Renaissance Soul 💎 FRSA Fellow of the RSA 💎 MDRT Past Member of the Million Dollar Round Table 💎 Psychosynthesis Advocate 🔗Inspired Collaborator 🔗Connector | Proactive Catalyst 🔗Creator of Business models : Property | Finance | Law / Linguistics Coaching | Fashion | Wellness | Art I created ‘My Best Self’ Club🏅from a strong desire to inspire, serve and influence through resonance and connection with those who seek to transition from a ‘stuck’ position, the outcome of life choices, those who want to explore their passions and talents so, to re-imagine and re-connect with their sense of purpose to ultimately live their best life towards happy endings and create inspiring legacies 💝 ⭐️Are you at an: impasse ~ crossroads ~ lifecycle ⭐️Do you find yourself: empty nested ~ bereaved, betrayed ~ redundant ~ bankrupt ~ alone ⭐️Are you an achiever that stopped achieving ⭐️Have you been successful in business and would like to do it again but lack vision or courage ⭐️Do you need another source of income or multiple sources of income ⭐️Would you like to perhaps downsize to fund your passion, start a new business, relocate but don’t know how ⭐️Would you like to transition from success to significance ⭐️Would you like to rediscover your sense of style ~ change your image ~ re-define your personal brand ⭐️Would you like to journey together with likeminded people in becoming the Best you can be, design a life of joy, passion and abundance and Finish Well 🏔👑🥂🎊 What is your Quo Vadis 💫 If any of the above resonate with you or would simply like to join our community, Join ‘MyBestSelf’ Club 💫 and we’ll journey together, guide you, bringing clarity where needed, helping you find answers and practical solutions and together celebrate our very essence of who we are Now 🔗 the catalyst for our future self and the legacy of our best self. 🛤Journey together 🌉🌁 🌟Achieve together🏔 👑 💫Celebrate together 🎊🥂 How we can work together: 🪡1:1 sessions 🪢Group sessions 🌋Events 👋 DM me directly 🔗 Join ‘My Best Self’ Club 🗝️ Join ‘MidLife Renaissance’ House ✨ formerly ‘New Map of Life’