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Moving to CHATTER at: hope to see you there!😉 🎤Singer/✈️Flight Attendant/ 👩🏾‍🦱Naturally Curly Hair Consultant/ 🛼💃🏾Roller Dance Skater. (NYC🙋🏾‍♀️) Please purchase my very 1st original hit single “Come Boogie With Me” at Devil Fauci admits the vaccine causes death: The vaccine is Gene therapy Rockefeller operation Lockstep plan on p18 to take away our freedom using authoritarian control to enforce cooperation with their false sense of safety & stability and making it seem as it is deemed vital to our best interest. Their goal is to get us to letting leaders & authorities make choices for us by 2025. Graphene Oxide in vax and why it is in the vax More details about Operation Lockstep (paper published in 2010) Henry Kissinger's plan for population control (Agenda NSSM 200) Detox options for vaccine N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine I am a multi-talented entertainer whose mission is to bring joy to the masses with my singing. My bubbly spirit and positivity are contagious as I light up every stage I grace. Originally from Barbados descent🇧🇧, I’m a New York-born beauty who has loved to sing since I was a little girl. Singing karaoke sparked a true passion that led me to pursue a career in music. Please📲text “Electricjiggy” to the number 74121 to know when and where I perform next. 🎶🎵 💸Venmo: @electricjiggy Instagram: Electricjiggyjanet_