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Ekta Uppal




👉🏼Roles I play to feed my mind and to pay my bills: 📎Independent Brand Consultant  Supporting individuals and organizations to build a rock solid brand by Creating Brand stories, Rewriting Narratives, Building Brand Identities, Managing Perceptions and Shifting Perspectives. 📎Independent Creative & Content Consultant  -Supporting individuals and organizations to tap into their inner creative space through offline and online workshops/interactions. - Lending my voice and words for your (brand) story. 📎Independent Script Writer 👉🏼Roles I play to expand my horizons and to feed my soul: 📎Storyteller   📎Conversationalist 👉🏼Roles I never struggle playing are that of a: 📎Wanna be Voice Actor   📎Pretentious Poet 📎Witty Writer  📎Pompous Painter 📎Contrived Creator And maybe... (Just maybe...) a Humble Human as well. 🤏🏼Some feathers in my cap that I happily flaunt: 📎Co-Creator of First ever Audio Theatre on CH 📎Independent Curator of Multi Dimensional Content across multiple platforms 📎Glorious career of 25+ years in Administration, Events, Project Management, Marketing, Communication and Strategy Connect with me on LinkedIn Via 🔗