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survivor & healer rabbinic teacher find me on CTV CBC VICE VIMEO CJN Forward, Haaretz, Le Monde etc Activist for human rights of Yiddish-speaking👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨 Mentor Author Hasidic Maskil Outgrew:NetureKarta;Satmar;Skver;Tosh;Viznitz;Belz;BreslevMonsey🇬🇧🇨🇦🗽 Teaching: Yiddish;Hebrew;Folklore;Theological history;Talmud;Bible;Hasidic critical history; inner censorship;#Twisted Torah Unfollow doesn’t change friendship I exchange all the time Did you know? ➡️ 1000s of Yiddish🗣👨‍👧‍👦denied most aspects of life ➡️ 100s of Ks r being forcibly 💍16yo ➡️ If a parent leaves sect they get shamed. kids denied contact with parent Netflix #One of Us ➡️100s of Ks👩‍👦denied education, can’t speak, read, write language of their country, in order to cripple ‘em 4life so they can’t leave the fold+unable tell their story ➡️ Sex, romance, love r taboo masterbation-unforgivable sin; many men have never seen their wife’s body Despite being British i started my English alphabet at 29 So language skills r poor 🤐 coerced as 👦spend 17Hdaily Torah/prayer-fear hell 🔥 4 not meeting all the requirements Our lawsuit about education caused QC intervention.hasids r grateful, askin 2continue war 4progress #1st family🇨🇦to leave Has. fundamentalism #1st family among Hasidic elite, globally, to leave the fold trapped in2marriage@17 but… we felli’n 😍 4 gifted kids escaped when son was 10yo Our best life decision- saving kids from prison! making life easier for Haredi couples & families & forced-to-be-Haredi 🤢that r stuck n the ghetto s well s those who left the fold legal advocacy coaching strategies step by step ✍️ stories, articles lecturing n 3 languages documentaries podcast video media social media Shifra and I were doing All that, over years, voluntarily tell my story schools/events Free ☎️ [email protected] 🤓Yiddish;Hebrew;Talmudic Aramaic; Bibl.Hebrew; English 💙🇮🇱🇵🇸🖤👶