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Eileen Grimes




Author, podcast host, mom of two littles, and wholehearted dreamer. Eileen cohosts the podcast You Only Go Once where she shared stories of humans who have decided to live this one life to it’s fullest. Always interested in hearing yours on IG @youonlygoonce 📚 Eileen believes that powerful things happen when children feel seen, heard, and understood. Her book, The Us Journal: A Journey of Love and Discovery fosters open, heartfelt communication between parents and children. IG: lovedasyouareco Rooted in her memories of feeling invisible in her own childhood, combined with her professional background as an educator, Eileen created this practical and effective tool to help parents forge wholehearted connections with their children through the practice of journaling. She hopes to build a world with kids and adults who feel seen, loved, and whole. DM open on IG @lovedasyouareco and @youonlygoonce