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Neurodevelopmental occupational therapist sharing knowledge and spreading awareness on anxiety and child development here on Clubhouse...and everywhere else. 👏Founder of the H.O.P.E. Foundation (Hands on Parent Empowerment). Our mission? Educate and empower the community in the prevention of anxiety and developmental delays. 🎧Check out our podcast “Quiet the Noise” where we delve into topics related to mental health, development and self-growth. Ping me if you want to learn about: 🔆preventing anxiety 🔆child development 🔆work-life balance 🗓CH meet up in club, QUIET THE NOISE: Friday at 10:15AM. Q and A and sharing info 🧠As a neurodevelopmental therapist, specializing with children with anxiety and processing delays, my focus is identifying the root cause of children's emotional and academic issues and providing targeted treatment plans that help achieve the goals of the families I work with. Having evaluated over 7,000 children, my sister (and partner) and I have demonstrated a history of working in many settings - including private clinics, public and private schools, as well as consultants for administrators and state educators. 🏆Honored to have been invited as a presenter at school, universities, and community events, as well as national and international conferences on our approach to neurodevelopment and reflex integration. 📚As educators for professionals, our company, Hands on Approaches, focuses on providing quality, relevant continuing education for therapists, educators and parents. Additionally, we provide one to one mentoring and online courses to educators and therapists around the world. For more information on courses, feel free to visit our website: 🎶During my down time: music enthusiast, aspiring baker, love organizing, and if there’s a body of water I’m always up for a swim (learning to fish is is my newest hobby). ⬇️ Check out our website at to learn more about our approach and to read some of our award winning blog posts (with over 5 million views). Connect👇and follow me here 👇