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Alt account for @Ed CLUBS As of April 11, 2023, clubs are no longer a thing on this House app — but this account was initially created simply to be able to move some clubs that I was an admin of off of my main profile and put them here instead (since, despite numerous requests, Clubhouse did not let you change the sort order of your own clubs on your own profile). They also broke their own club sort order - and thus two of my oldest and largest clubs were at the very bottom of the club sort - being listed after clubs founded by other people and clubs that I had founded but never used (so they had next to zero visibility on my main profile). PROFILE PAGES @Paul always talks about “creator in control” - and that should also apply to the profile page that each user creates for themselves - it is what they want to highlight and what they want to be known by - including which clubs they would like to be more visible (or not). Having to create a second profile to have some control over that is beyond broken. HOUSES And, now that membership and activity in houses is broadcast to all your followers (even if they are not members of the same houses, and even if you do not follow them back), I have made this a “protected profile” and removed all followers (so no one can see my clubs, houses, or account activity), and am shifting my house memberships over to this profile as well. And, by using this account to admin my houses, the houses on my main profile remain static in the display order I wish them to be featured in (otherwise my most recently visited houses show up first). “JOIN QUIETLY” A key missing feature of Clubhouse is the ability to “join quietly” (meaning other people in a room or a house or a club would still know that you are also in it - but outside people would not). This “protected” alt profile is a partial workaround for that missing feature. SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE People will often jump to parts of Clubhouse that their followers have zero interest in (but which Clubhouse still insists on notifying you about and stuffing your hallway with). Until Clubhouse finally understands that, on their app, groups (collections of people) are the signal and individual people are the noise, this alt account is also a partial workaround for that as well. BUG BOUNTY PROGRAM I’m a member of the Clubhouse bug bounty program and use this alt account for testing purposes. Original account: @ed