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Ed Nusbaum




👋 Started some startups. Also 4 of the 14 largest communities on Clubhouse: Startup Club, OG Club, Community Club, and Talk Club. Been building companies, communities, and user-driven emergent systems for most of my life. Hiked 1000+ miles in the Grand Canyon. Startup Club, the largest community on Clubhouse (and the world’s largest social audio community), is the catalyst for everyone in the startup ecosystem to connect, learn, and grow together. OG Club, the 6th largest community on Clubhouse, has, among many other things, hosted dozens of theatrical productions on this app. Community Club (originally named the “Clubhouse Onboarding Club”), the 11th largest community on Clubhouse, has welcomed more new users to Clubhouse than any other user initiative. Talk Club (originally named “Let’s Talk About Clubhouse!”), the 14th largest community on Clubhouse, connects users to help strengthen the user community and provide better feedback to the Clubhouse team. If you are wondering why I left your Clubhouse House, I didn’t. I’m a member on my alt account: @edzona Joined Clubhouse April 18, 2020