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Ebony Tutora




🧘🏽‍♀️🌱Meditation Mastery & Inner-Child Healing Guide 🌱🧘🏽‍♀️ 🔓Unlock your full potential and manifest healing, peace, personal power, and clarity through subconscious clearing meditation. 🪬I will guide you on a healing journey of letting go of old energy and emotional blockages and teach you how align your mind, body, and soul to your greatest version. DM me about working together to accelerate your healing journey! ✳️As a moderator and expert in mental wellness, healing, and mindset mastery, I offer personalized VIP healing experiences and share my favorite tips for self-love and self-care. 🎙️Tune into my podcast "Soul Chat" for in-depth discussions on self-love, soul-care, and healing with amazing guests and inspiring episodes. 🎼Plus, access my guided healing meditations on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music, YouTube, and more by searching “Ebony Tutora.” 📖 Purchase my journaling book on Amazon for a guide to purpose and wholeness. 👑 Visit for more information and to subscribe to my mailing list. 💰 Venmo & CashApp at @healandthrive.