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Erica Ehiwe




Graphics Designer | Project Manager | A Voice Erica Ehiwe CVD, PMP Founder x Creative Design Partner, EBEPR Studios Non-traditional Creative. Follow Me (IG): @ericaehiwe Pronounced Erica Ehiwe (e · he · way) — emphasis on the WAY—allow for it to flow off the tongue. Her name is as unique as her being both a corporate certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Visual Designer (CVD). With her creative design studio, EBEPR, focusing on paving a way for valued small business and personal brand clients in providing premium visual branding services, her name is indeed of top importance. While her last name means “Mercy” in her native Nigerian (Benin City) tongue, her stunning design prowess shows absolutely none. That said, Erica remains plugged into, and proud of, her heritage. Accompanied by the power of her surname and mother’s inspiration, a “safe” and traditional life path became a fleeting desire. Crediting her corporate business management roles with refining her greatness as an adult, Erica developed into a non-traditional creative. As a lifelong creative, Erica became hungry for more than the traditional corporate environment could offer her and fed that hunger by launching EBEPR Studios in 2013. Since launching, she has secured countless projects. Her works includes completed high-profile commissions by singers Queen Naija, Tiana Major9, and the Grammy Awarded Ne-Yo. EBEPR Studios servicing offers include, not limited to, Art Illustration, Brand Identity Design, Visual Advertisement, Website Graphics, and Motion Graphics. At the end of the day, Erica seeks to be the inspiration of a whole generation. As her mother always wisely told her, “Keep your eyes on the prize”—Erica notes, “the prize” evolves and believes grasping what your current prize is, prize evolution in mind, is where life’s real journey begins for each entrepreneur.