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Earth to Megan




Together we can create beautiful change.. MEGan louISe cARTer... my name tells you.... (WE) ARE CREATORS, I CAN GET LOST IN COSMIC SOULTIME, AND AGAIN, MAGNETIC AND ENERGETIC ARTIST. CLEARING OUT MALIGNANT MUTANT ENERGY SO I CAN GAIN MOMENTUM ON MY TRUE SOUL STREET. (All that from the letters in my name)Lexigramming I AM ALSO AN Evolving Multidimensional Lover of humanity, abundantly free flowing SPIRIT as light shining bright for any and ALL who need. Full TIME investigator of truth helping to EASE the blow from these INTENSE winds of change. I AM that WE ARE ELECTRIC universal SOURCE of all that is. Same as you. Infinite CREATOR of OUR reality. "When "i" is replaced with "we" even illness becomes wellness." I believe we all need each other, we must plant seeds GrowCommunityGardens Ask more questions! LISTEN for answers. Every day gifts us with choices. There are no right or wrong choices. they're simply choices made. I choose to be present in high frequency with the universe, to dance with all that is in tune and create space to bloom and excellerate. INFINITECosmicCONSCIOUS CHOICEtoChange Earth born NativeAmerican Osage Potawatomi&SacNfox tribes. Deep Celtic Roots LIFEPATH#7 SOULURGE#8 PERSONALITY#7. 7♦️ 3♦️ 7♥️ A♣️ ♓☀️⚧ Pisces Sun&Mercury ♒🌒♀️Aquarius Moon & Venus♉⬆️Taurus Rising/Chiron♂️♎Libra Mars GALACTIC AMBASSADOR, Tennis 🎾 was my anti-drug. Instilled discipline and focus. WORK EXPERIENCE freelance film making.. Craft Services department head 20+feature films 20+ commercials. 100% NOT INTERESTED IN CRYPTO OR YOUR GET RICH SCAMS! Member of GENERATION WHY? WHY THE TRUTH HURTS. ITS IN THE WORD. One Sound is UNI-VERSE . EVERYONE IS LOVE. I SEE YOU◇I ACCEPT YOU. I FEEL YOU◇I 4GIVE YOU. I LOVE YOU◇I AM YOU Artist Alchemist Astrologer Awakened BEING,Believer Benevolent Binaural Beets Compassionate Conscious Corporeal Cleansing creative Divine Dancing densities Destiny Evolving Energetic Ethereal Empathic, Entrepreneur,Firefly Free FinancialFlowingFast GrowingGreenGuruGrateful GenerousGalacticGeese Heart Healing Humanity Holding Intentions INSIGHT Indigenous Iridescence inner Intuitive Ideologies and integration of JOY,KINDNESS, &LOVE LIGHT for all LIFE. Magical,MUSE,MYSTERIOUSMEMORY oMOTHERS,New NEBULA,natal NEPTUNE NURTURING Nature's SOVEREIGNTY in SACRED SYNCHRONICITY. I am an artist. ACTIVELY creating VISIONS FOR NEW EARTH. PayPal: @mcartercrafty [email protected] Venmo: @M-Carter-2020