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Paul Simon




💼 As a Director of Business at Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Organization, my focus is connecting entrepreneurs within Africa and across the globe, creating valued partnerships, improving the environment and consciousness for impact collaborations and helping to foster TRUST amongst young people. 💡Currently working in Nigeria, developing Entrepreneurship Programs @ the Ondo State Entrepreneurship Agency an agency saddled with impacting Entrepreneurship & Business Development in the citizenry while Connecting International Markets & Investments to innovations, technology and business automation needs in Ondo State. I am also a 🙂Techinvestor’ looking especially for solutions focused on improving the agricultural value chain through education, mechanization, logistics and financing. These solutions must help install sustainable organic systems. These solutions could also help facilitate collaborations and partnerships but must all lead to improved livelihoods of small holder farmers.🚜🌱 🙌🏾 Life becomes to each of us what we make of it.