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✨Entrepreneur since 2001 ✨As a spiritual advisor; my service is a blend of therapy, counseling, prophecy, coaching, affirmations, meditation and more. ✨I address all areas of life. ✨I specialize in Dream interpretation, Angel number interpretation, past lives, twin flames, business, marriage, mindset, emotional maturity, sex, love, animals, health, confidence & most importantly helping people understand the ways God communicates. ✨Email [email protected] to inquire and schedule. 💫Ordained Minister 💫Poet 💫Writer 💫Model 💫Contemporary Singer & Dancer 💫Rapper 💫Creative Director 💫Ghostwriter 💫Speaker 💫Wedding Officiant 💫Healer 💫Breathwork Educator & Facilitator 💫Death, Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy & Post Natal Doula 💫Delegator ✨Two of my favorite things to do is to speak beautiful words to people and help people name their business, products, services, YouTube Channels, book titles, movies, video titles; you get where I’m going … ✨ I make custom affirmation lists, affirmation poems and poetry for people to use for themselves and for others to gift to a loved one! ✨I also use poetry to market people’s business. ✨Email: [email protected] to inquire! ✨Education & Affirmation YouTube: @TheeFireOfGod ✨Autobiography YouTube: @LivingOnTheContrary ✨Poetry YouTube: @WhoIsTheeMeister ✨Poetry SoundClound: @WhoIsTheeMeister ✨Spirituality & Poetry Instagram: @1stLadyPhynyx ✨Affirmation & Motivation Instagram: @TheeRecovery ✨TIKTOK: @FirstLadyPhynyx ✨Lemon8: @1stLadyPhynyx ✨Poetry X (Twitter): @PoetTheeMeister ✨Spiritual X (Twitter): @LorenMYoung ✨$enjourneyology (Sacred Journeyology) Mother Isis Yemaya Durga Kali Ma Bastet Hathor Ariadne Freya Inanna Ishtar Mother Mary Mary Magdalene