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🇸🇩 Curiosity is underrated. she/her/they/them ❤️🖤💚 ATLien from the people of Locust Grove. Holding your masculinity for ransom💰 “My name is pronounced in the clear English fashion: Du, with u as in Sue; Bois, as in oi in voice. The accent is on the second syllable.” -W. E. B. Dubois - 📚Clubs that read: READ WITH US @ Revolutionary History READ WITH US @ Radical Black Thought READ WITH US @ Disability Activists READ WITH US @ Black Jacobins READ WITH US @ Education Social Justice READ WITH US @ The Undercommons READ WITH US @ The Legacy of Malcolm X READ WITH US @Books, Life, etc READ WITH US @Sylvia's Juke Joint Interests: Parenting, Graphic Design, Photography, Music, History, Education, Politics, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Islam, Pan-Africanism/Black Internationalism, Lifetime Learning, Black Diaspora, ⚠️: This is protected by the❤️, the🖤, and the💚 w/a 🗝! No xhenophobia. No dunces. No munafiqCoons🕋. No DARVO. 🥒🍎"Health is a crown on the heads of the healthy that only the sick can see."- Hazrat Dawood (A.S) 🙇🏾‍♀️"Let's normalize ending rooms." - Christian 🤜🏽 Knuck si vous buck 🤛🏽 - cousin Jus