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Dymphna D’Costa




⭐️ Modern-day Shamanka & magic maker. ⭐️ Quit corporate, the city + own accountancy firm for high vibe, high frequency living - and never looked back. ⭐️ Enabler of Soul-aligned abundant living for ambitious women.   - - - Heard the one about the equities analyst turned high priestess?   No? Not many have. 😇 Let me introduce her:   She spent over 20 years in Corporate then the City, followed by running her own accountancy business before walking away from it all... to pursue the life her heart desired.   She invested in herself, travelled and studied the most ancient and sacred spiritual practices with some of the most respected teachers...   Committing to helping others to access the magic within and become the best versions of themselves...   And build soul-aligned lives and businesses to live every single day with abundance.   Pretty cool? 😊   OK so now we're acquainted here's how I can help:   I'm a coach, consultant and mentor working exclusively with ambitious women, predominantly in the UK and US.   Those who, like me, suspect there has to be more...   I combine esoteric and ancient healing techniques including shamanic healing, ancient Indian methods, dreaming, breathwork, Reiki, sound healing, the magic of ceremony and much more...   With cutting edge NLP, EFT, nutrition, physiology, psychology and science...   And rock-solid, no-nonsense business skills.   (I know, it's kind of unusual.) 🤩   To empower you to manifest the life you truly desire and create the business of your dreams. If you'd like to explore and chat through how to work with me...   Or hear about my 1:1, group programmes, e-courses or transformative retreats...   > DM me on insta > Book a discovery call: > Check me out here: