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God’s First Pen 🖋👑 Dwight Thompson aka TheWriteWarrior I did not choose the pen, the pen first choose me. I did not have to look for God, He first found me. Now I'm about that Life, Faith, Love and Family, I let the Business be last because money can never make you happy. Iselah. 🙏🏿 So hi! I am Dwight Thompson aka TheWriteWarrior. I'm a Gospel poet, freelance business copy writer, author and publishing editor. My entrepreneurship is a publishing house. Schedule a writing project Consultation by Donation with me today. D.T. 🖋ONGOING PROJECTS📖 PIVOT by Dwight Thompson 🙏🏿. A Spiritual Memoir about faith and mental health. AUDIO BOOK AVAILABLE NOW Book Six of Pinecones and Spaceships 🌲🚀, INNER SANCTUM: Protecting my Peace through Poetry, a Poetry Book with a Companion Journal, is available everywhere! ❤💣 💲RATE SHEET💻 You need a TEAM to publish: Therapist or close friend Editor Artist Marketing Blerds are the Best! ✒🎨 Sometimes it's better to not fall into a system that don't care about your talent or mental health.