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David Williamson




I wanna interact with authentic, solid people. •philosophy •poetry •writing •”idea guy” •advice (giving and seeking) •technology •INTP •Reflector (Human Design) •social commentary •spirituality •love •NDEs (Had NDEs in 1982 & 2017) Coming Home Video with Elliot and Jesse Estrin ~ Jeff Mara Podcast NDE interview... ~ NDE Interview with Loretta (ACIM Sharing Group): ~ Natalie Rustichelli NDE interview... ~ NDE Interview with Huong Huang w/ Dale Ruttan ~ “The Lindsay and Tony Podcast - Near Death Experience with David Williamson” (Interview) FB: IG: ***My previous IG (dvd731) was hacked. Do not engage. It is now owned by a scammer.*** FAMU - B.S. Business Administration GA Tech - M.S. Management of Technology Currently: Atlanta, GA Scheduling Link: [email protected] [email protected] $dvd731