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David Ewing Duncan




Journalist covering health, life sciences, the future, and politics for Wired, Vanity Fair, NYTs, NPR, ABC Nightline, and many others; bestselling author of 10 books, most recently Talking to Robots (Dutton-Penguin); Calendar (Harper-Collins, 21 languages); When I’m 164 (TED Books); and Experimental Man (Wiley). CEO of Arc Fusion - we hold amazing, small, curated events and dinner parties - www.arc Check out my series on COVID-19 on Other recent articles: The First Synthetic Human Genome Made in Lab (Wired); Inside the Very Big, the Very Controversial Business of Cloning Dogs (Vanity Fair); Make Government Jobs Cool Again (Boston Globe); The business of Mindfulness ( NEO.LIFE). Call Ming: Humans in Space (Alta Journal). Working now on stories around psychedelics and the brain; genetics and multi-omics; the microbiome of Earth; AI and the future; and more. My next book is about the microbiome of the planet and how humans are altering it (The Secret Lives of Earth’s Smallest Creatures), next novel is a sci-fi biomedical thriller about a secret group of people who live hundreds of years. My website with lots of my articles, books, essays, talks, radio shows, television shows and documentaries, plus research, companies and adventures: