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📢 If you ain't SELLIN' ish, its cuz you ain't SAYIN' ish. Copywriting| Content Marketing| Sales Coaching| New Business Consulting United States Army Veteran (Infantry) 3rd Armored Division 3AD 🇺🇸 🪖 Words are my hustle! ➡️ Collab with me to position your business to win just by telling better stories than your opps. ➡️ Coaches and gurus tell you to find ways to cut through the noise just to be HEARD. 🤬 FFFFFF that! You need a message that is gonna get your business HIRED! 🔑 Bottom line is if you ain't sellin' shit, it's cuz you ain't saying shit. Fixing that is easy if you are not interested in basic results and want to win. 🏁 Slide in my DM with the word 'Spring' here or on IG to get real time tips to: ✅️ Build your brand awareness. ✅️ Add value for your followers. ✅️ Clarify your message and raise the vibe between you and your audience. 🥊 Fight inflation by closing more deals and generating higher profits. Weak pitches are for broke bitches! ☎️ Text of email 'Q2' to 404-532-9495 or [email protected] to get on my calendar. Business is for the bold baby. Make an impact and be more memorable today! Mo Dub the Vet you Love Over and out. 📍Atlanta, GA 📍New Haven, CT